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IntrabutionTM - From Factory Line to Shop Floor and Consumer's Doorsteps

Consumer Goods Fulfillment

The internet generation has produced a new breed of consumers with sophisticated demands. Getting finished goods to them as quickly as their tastes evolve becomes a priority. And this we take very seriously with IntrabutionTM, a solution that bridges the complexities in distributing finished products to retailers and final consumers.


Order Fulfillment

Order management and fulfillment takes on a new approach with IntrabutionTM, streamlining it to a distinct advantage for brand owners and manufacturers. Harnessing the power of internet and cutting-edge technologies as well as the traditional means of phone and fax, IntrabutionTM synchronises the order fulfillment process for ease of use. With the IntrabutionTM hubs that pick, pack and deliver according to order specifications, providing real-time delivery and inventory status visibility, we are very swiftly able to fulfill your commitments to your customers.

E-commerce solution

With in-depth networks and decades of experience in consumer fulfilment (both B2B and B2C) across the Asia Pacific region servicing world-class customers, YCH has been continuously strengthening our consolidation and distribution capabilities to support the rapid growth in e-Commerce fulfilment. YCH's latest solution, Quick!eTM is a proprietary plug-and-play e-Commerce platform that provides a highly sophisticated track-and-trace system to boost product security, seamless connectivity and on-time deliveries. Tapping on The Last MileTM (TLM) solution that YCH has already rolled out in various Asian countries, YCH is able to empower businesses with proactive visibility and game-changing capabilities, including the enhancement of our customers' own operational efficiencies through fusing consumer analytics with YCH's state-of-the-art supply chain technologies.


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