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IntributionTM - Orchestrating Thousands of Suppliers to Global Manufacturers

Manufacturing Logistics Solution

Managing the flow of your raw materials, information and financial transactions has never been smoother than with IntributionTM, a web-enabled manufacturing logistics solution. Offering cost and time effective measures, IntributionTM ensures that a manufacturer’s needs are met throughout the manufacturing process in a cost and time efficient manner.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) / Suppliers Owned Inventory (SOI)

Because we know how everything connects, we can help you be nimble in your business. We do this by orchestrating the movements of your inventories on a just-in-time basis to support built-to-order (BTO) and configured-to-order (CTO) manufacturing. Under SOI model, we enable the transfer of materials ownership from suppliers to manufacturers only upon manufacturing pull. Our team of supplier management specialists has a strong track record in converting manufacturers owned inventory to suppliers owned inventory.

Materials Hub Management

Spanning the globe are the materials hubs, we call IntributionTM Hubs. Your inventory from anywhere in the world is carefully housed in these hubs until such time that they are needed to be delivered on a just-in-time basis to the production floor. Our min-max replenishment capability ensures that inventory can be replenished or adjusted based on needs of manufacturer, minimizing inventory obsolescence.

Virtual Hub

We have gone a step further to innovate and engineer an award winning solution called V-HubTM , allowing virtual sourcing of raw materials based on optimised requirements, to feed to global manufacturing plants, enabling manufacturers and brand owners to Buy Anywhere, Make Anywhere, Sell Anywhere!


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