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Transportation & Order Fulfilment

We have developed an extensive and comprehensive network and transportation fleet, providing container trucking and local delivery services that are enhanced by fleet scheduling and route optimization systems. Our transportation and distribution management services also include the storage, management and delivery of our clients' inventory to designated locations. Complementing our fleet, we have established a strong network of last mile partners with synergistic potential in different regions to provide comprehensive and flexible services for competitive advantage in each unique location. In a complex environment such as Asia Pacific, we take pride in our in-depth distribution networks that enable cross-border transportation and extensive B2B & B2C order fulfilment services across the region.

The Last MileTM( TLM )

With the realisation of the full end-to-end process and last mile fulfilment being an arduous challenge in Asia's complex and unevenly-developed terrains, YCH's proprietary TLM solution increases the reach into unprecedented grounds while raising the level of service excellence YCH provides customers.

Embedded with several of YCH's core proprietary supply chain optimisation as well as business intelligence and analytics tools, the TLM solution dynamically connects critical information in the areas of routing, delivery, vendor resourcing and ordering to provide its customers with benefits that will increase the efficiency of their end-consumer distribution. Using cutting-edge routing analytics technology, 'on-the-road' data is captured in real time and examined to ensure predictability, reliability and the safe delivery of goods. Consumers' ordering profiles are analysed and optimised according to various business rules for enhancing customer insights.

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