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Our award-winning end-to-end supply chain solutions, namely Intribution™, Intrabution™ and Retrogistics™, address the entire supply chain needs of our clients, from suppliers to manufacturers (for parts and components), from manufacturers and brand owners to resellers and consumers (for finished products), and from consumers to original equipment manufacturers (for spares and returns), respectively.

IntributionTM   IntrabutionTM   RetrogisticsTM

• Manufacturing Logistics Solution
• Suppliers Owned Inventory (SOI)
• Materials Hub Management
  • Consumer Goods Fulfillment
• Order Fulfillment
  • Service and Returns Logistics
• Spares and Returns Management
Over the years, we have developed 3 core supply chain solutions - namely Intribution™, Intrabution™, and Retrogistics™ to address the supply chain management needs of our clients at each key stage of the supply chain. Intribution™ is our solution for the manufacturing logistics process while Intrabution™ and Retrogistics™ are our solutions for consumer goods distribution and service and returns management respectively.

These solutions allows us to provide more holistic supply chain management services to our clients from supply chain consulting, design, solutioning, through to the delivery of integrated logistics services such as warehousing, freight forwarding and transportation. All these are integrated through cutting edge technology applications and the management of the information supply chain or electronic transfer of information, either via the EDI, API, web services and so on. The availability of information on a more timely basis provides for better planning and decision making, thereby enhancing supply chain efficiency.

The implementation of our supply chain solutions for our clients involves (1) the setting up of physical inventory management facilities such as supplier and distribution hubs, (2) the setting up of system interfaces between YCH and our customers' operations and computer systems and (3) the customisation of our clients' supply chain networks, processes with regards to the flow of inventory and information.

As depicted in the diagram above, the entire supply chain can be broken down into 3 key stages, involving interactions between:

  • Suppliers and manufacturers, where raw materials are aggregated to support the manufacturing process;

  • Manufacturers and end consumers, where finished consumer goods are distributed directly to the end consumer or indirectly via various distribution channels such as distributors, wholesalers and retailers; and

  • End consumers and manufacturers, where defective goods are returned to the manufacturer or appointed returns centre for service and repair.

    In addition to the physical movement of goods, each of these interactions also involves the exchange of information between parties in the supply chain and in most cases, financial transactions whereby payment information is exchanged and actual payment made. The supply chain management also involves the co-ordination and integration of various functions such as procurement, manufacturing planning, distribution and marketing.

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