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RetrogisticsTM - From Repair Centres To Suppliers And Beyond

Service and Returns Logistics

Service for us just does not stop at the shop floor. It means following up with your clients’ needs even after the point of sale. To help you help your clients, RetrogisticsTM efficiently manages the service and returns logistics for you when your products require after-sales parts replacement, warranty returns and servicing. In a nutshell, we become a critical part of your after-sales service, helping you create brand loyalty among your consumers.


Spares and Returns Management

With a myriad of business transactions to look into, you don’t want to have to worry about the nuts and bolts of operating a spares and returns policy. We do that for you with our front-end function of receiving or picking up defective products from your end-users. Without skipping a beat, we ensure parts and components inventory management, auto replenishment and spare parts delivery to facilitate on-site after sales service.


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