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WHAT supplychain connects?

Refining the Art & Science of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Each business and market has its own unique DNA, and the supply chain reflects the Central Nervous System, determining the way it performs. And this is how we are taking supply chain management “out of the box” and designing innovative Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions for your every business need.

Synchronising them to provide a holistic approach to your supply chain challenges, we have created an ecosystem in which each solution can work independently or be integrated comprehensively, while at the same time having the ability to scale and grow with the business. This we have developed to help you manage your business across time zones and borders, language and cultures, markets and industries. Simply because we know that enabling your business means connecting your suppliers’ suppliers, all the way through to your customers’ customers.

Integrating the Physical, Information & Financial Flows

To us, SCM is all about managing the 3 critical flows – Physical Flow, Information Flow and Financial Flow. With the integration of these 3 flows, our vision of Building The Logsitics Superhighway is fulfilled, and this is precisely what supplychain connects.

WHY supplychain connects?

Convergence of Disciplines

Understanding the possibilities of a seamless world has given us a creative edge in the way we manage supply chain processes. In appreciating the art of SCM, we have dedicated ourselves to understand the need and adopt a strategy of converging various professional disciplines. Incorporating Operational and Project Management methodologies, with in-depth expertise in Engineering/Manufacturing practices, complemented by sophisticated business and financial modeling.

Calibrating award-winning logistics solutions to an art form, we are poised to offer end-to-end (e2e) SCM solutions, customized to suit your every business requirement. This can only be achieved with years of emphasis and development in 3 key pillars – People, Technology and Quality. These pillars form the very basis and foundation why supplychain connects.

HOW supplychain connects?

Supply Chain within Supply Chain

Our powerful solutions create endless possibilities throughout the supply chain for suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners and customers to achieve optimisation from supply chain to supply chain.

Intribution™ - Orchestrating Thousands of Suppliers to Global Manufacturers …
Intrabution™ - From factory line to shop floor and consumer’s doorstep…
Retrogistics™ - From Repair Centres to Suppliers and beyond…

Beyond Technology & Solutions

We have built our end-to-end SCM solutions to move your business faster, more efficiently, more strategically. Furthermore, we have created robust business models, proprietary systems and patented solutions, which include suites of services from integrated 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) / LLP Services (encompassing Warehousing, Transportation, Freight Management), to developing SCM technologies and solutions, to Supply Chain Consulting, and our Trademark 7PL™ (3PL + 4PL) Solutions and Services.

Employing complex business analytics and primed vigilance in sensing, responding and capitalising on market characteristics, we orchestrate critical Manufacturing, Fulfilment and Service Returns business processes, dedicated to optimising efficiency and performance value creation in all aspects of your supply chain.

This is how supplychain connects.

WHEN supplychain connects?

Matching High-End Products with Sophisticated Solutions

From the most expensive bottle of champagne from France to the smallest microchip from the United States, we move them for you to your end user. We work across three distinct industries, from electronics and chemicals to consumer goods, always customizing our solutions to suit your products. Because of our versatility, we are able to provide sophisticated management of your assets.

We have also developed patented solutions which enable securitization of inventory along the supply chain, creating a seamless and optimally efficient flow of capital and managed risk, to catalyse the growth of business potential in any market and environment.

Our Heritage & Pedigree

Success in SCM takes years of understanding the industry, building the capabilities, and growing the infrastructure. With more than 50 years of ‘living supplychain’, we have since evolved and developed a deep niche of specialized SCM knowledge and expertise, to create innovative and effective SCM solutions for our Clients.

Experience Optimized efficiencies… Value creation... Scaleable business growth… Market responsiveness… Satisfied customers… when supplychain connects.

WHERE supplychain connects?

“ych” is embedded right in the heart of “supplychain” and is the key to connecting global businesses, empowering them across an extensive and in-depth Asia Pacific network.

YCH – where supplychain connects™

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