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YCH Brand Story

YCH Brand Evolution - Our Logo
Over the years, the YCH brand has come to represent reliability and integrity. As the company evolved, so did our brand identity.

In 1955, our logo brings memories to YCH's humble beginnings - from a transportation company to today's leading supply chain solutions provider. The need for YCH to keep up with the increasing pace of globalisation dictated by technological advances instilled our need to reinvent our corporate identity. Hence, in 1999, the company updated the logo to give it a more modern look for the times. The YCH logo embodied a new dynamism. A robust spirit that has evolved from a corporate philosophy of rising to the challenges in exceeding customer expectations, in a demanding, ever-changing world. The symmetry of each letter rendered in twin lines headed in the same direction suggests a commitment to building strong partnerships. The current YCH brand identity was introduced in October 2005, on YCH’s 50th Anniversary. Research from our branding exercise indicated that the brand audience associated YCH’s brand essence with the characteristic font type and the colour yellow. The new YCH logo encapsulates the company’s vision, energy, and dynamism. It personifies YCH Group’s forward-looking spirit and also signifies strong partnerships, in a journey on the Logistics Superhighway.“ych” is embedded right in the heart of “supplychain” and is the key to connecting global businesses, empowering them through a connected supply chain. The company had gone through three eras of change and had emerged a more vibrant, dynamic leading-edge company than ever before. The new logo embraced the strengths of the previous logo - the twin lines and the familiar yellow corporate colour. YCH is now better represented in this new visually dynamic context and ready to move towards new horizons in this borderless world.

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