YCH Group Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Build YCH Airport Logistics Park (ALP) in Tianjin, China

May 20, 2005 12:00:00 AM

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YCH Group Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Build YCH Airport Logistics Park (ALP) in Tianjin, China

20 May 2005

Chairman/CEO Mr. Robert Yap and Mr. Feng Zhi Jiang, standing Vice-Executive President of the TJFTZ signing the MOU, as witnessed by Tianjin Mayor Dai Xianglong.   Representatives from the TJFTZ and YCH teams involved in the project.

YCH Group ("YCH"), Singapore's homegrown logistics giant, and the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee ("TJFTZ") has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to build and co-develop the 'YCH Airport Logistics Park' ("YCH ALP"), a 5 hectare Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) facility, to be located strategically in the Tianjin Airport Industrial Park northeast of the Tianjin Airport, which is 3km away from city and 30km away from the Tianjin New Port.

The MOU was signed during a ceremony held at Temasek Holdings, on Investment Co-operation Projects between Tianjin and Singapore, and was witnessed by the Tianjin Mayor, Mr. Dai Xianglong.

This YCH ALP Project has been identified as a key flagship logistics project within the Tianjin Airport Industrial Park. The administrative committee aims to develop this pioneering project as a showcase for the Logistics Industry as part of its core development focus in the 4 key industries, namely International Trade, Manufacturing, High tech R&D and Logistics.

YCH first entered Tianjin in 1999. Since then, a 3.3 hectare, $15 million Tianjin YCH DistriPark was recently opened in April of 2004. This YCH ALP project to develop the 2nd facility near the airport is expected to be an additional investment of $25 million by YCH.

Dr. Robert Yap, Chairman & CEO of YCH Group said, "YCH ALP is a natural extension to the first High Tech DistriPark built in Tianjin a year ago. It is also a clear indication of our commitment towards China and the region, as well as a reflection of the growing demand for our innovative and award-winning services in North Asia."

Mr. Feng Zhi Jiang, standing Vice-Executive President of the TJFTZ, added, "YCH has been a very important and key strategic corporate partner to Tianjin. This MOU serves as a resounding testimony to the close and strong relationship, as well as an important catalyst to spearhead the growth of the logistics sector for Tianjin, and the rest of China as a whole."

YCH operates a comprehensive Supply Chain network across China to support companies such as Motorola, Dell, Solectron, Toshiba, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, etc. YCH operations in China today spans throughout major regional hubs, such as Tianjin in the north, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou in the East, and Xiamen in the south.

Further developments are planned in places like Chengdu, Guangzhou, and other major locations, to strengthen its infrastructure and to complete an extensive network across China. Because of its push for innovative and customised solutions for its customers, YCH has won more than a dozen Innovation and SCM Excellence Awards with a portfolio of copyrights to its name and patents pending.

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