YCH Group signs MOU with Chongqing Government for logistics services between China and ASEAN

May 25, 2016 12:00:00 AM

The collaboration will establish Chongqing as the logistics base of China, offering logistics services beyond Vietnam and Laos, to the rest of the ASEAN region

Singapore, 25 May 2016 -YCH Group, Asia Pacific's leading integrated end-to-end supply chain management and logistics partner has signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chongqing Banan District Government, Chongqing ASEAN International Logistics, and Y3 Technologies, a leading supply chain management information technology and services company.

The MOU aims to establish Chongqing as ASEAN's Logistics hub in China, and will include logistics and trucking services, consolidation or deconsolidation of goods and IT platforms to support these services beyond Laos and Vietnam, to the rest of ASEAN.

This third collaboration between Singapore and China is timely, in light of Singapore and China commemorating 25 years of diplomatic relations in 2015, and the launch of the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative (CCI), during President Xi's state visit to Singapore in 2015, with logistics as one of the key focus areas.

Chongqing Banan District Government Vice-director Mr. Zhang Chun Ping said, "Chongqing is the hub for road logistics in China and to further enhance its offerings to ASEAN, the project will leverage on the strengths of all companies involved. The Chongqing Public Transport ASEAN International Logistics' hub is strategically located in Chongqing's Banan District, and is the market leader of China's logistics and transport industry. Y3 Technologies offers supply chain IT solutions, while YCH Group is the leading logistics player in the ASEAN region, offering in-depth experience in logistics management."

All four companies will contribute in the following areas:

  1. YCH Group will be in charge of the operations of bases in Vietnam, Laos and other ASEAN countries, and trade goods collection and distribution in China.
  2. Chongqing ASEAN International Logistics Co., Ltd will be in charge of ASEAN logistics in Western China provinces, ASEAN trade in goods collection and distribution, and Chongqing ASEAN Highway shuttle operations.
  3. Chongqing Banan District Government will be in charge of coordinating with port offices, customs, quarantine and other government departments that support policies at all levels.
  4. Y3 Technologies will be in charge of providing platform solutions, including a platform and road logistics information platform for planning, design, development and build. They will also oversee IT outsourcing business to provide IT infrastructure, platform operations, projects and other related IT consulting services.

Mr. Kwek Hwai Wee, General Manager of YCH West China Region said, "We are deeply honored to be part of the collaboration. YCH Group is committed to promoting in-depth cooperation between Chongqing and the ASEAN region, as well as promote corporate governance and rapid development of the southwest market."

Chongqing ASEAN International Logistics Co., Ltd General Manager Mr. Qiao Zhi Yu said, "This project is aimed at building an integrated transport hub along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River's International Trade Corridor. We are delighted to work with YCH and Y3 technologies, supply chain thought leaders in the ASEAN region who will add greater value to China's logistics sector."

Mr. Marc Dragon, Deputy CEO of Y3 Technologies said, "We strongly believe that technology will enhance collaboration, bringing about greater efficiency, accuracy and optimization of supply chain and logistics services between China and ASEAN. We look forward to working with the Chongqing government to strengthen Asia's logistics industry."

About YCH Group

Founded in 1955 and headquartered in Singapore, YCH Group is the leading end-to-end supply chain solutions partner to some of the world's largest companies and favourite brands across the Asia Pacific region. Its suite of innovative award-winning end-to-end supply chain management solutions - Intribution™, Intrabution™, Retrogistics™ - employ cutting edge web-technologies that are best-in-class across industry clusters from consumer and electronics to chemical and healthcare, to deliver powerful competitive advantages for customers. A strong proponent of innovation, YCH is recognized for its 7PL™ approach in seamlessly integrating supply chain strategy with execution. As an extended family enterprise, YCH was awarded the May Day Model Partnership Awards 2014 for embracing diversity, encouraging continuous learning and the creation of a productive, resilient and sustainable workforce.

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About Y3 Technologies

Founded in 1981, Y3 Technologies is a home-grown software solutions provider which has since established a strong track record and is steadily expanding its global market presence. Y3 offers a full suite of end-to-end supply chain collaborative software products to our customers, including YCH Group, Singtel, Baxter and Royal Friesland Campina.

Its base of satisfied MNC clients attest to the commitment of Y3 Technologies to deliver effective collaborative solutions for businesses by embedding leading edge technologies and capitalizing on cross-industry best practices in business solutions. Y3's strength lies in developing advance collaborative integrated management solutions in the supply chain industry by applying best practices with the aim of eliminating inefficiencies with good visibility on a common platform for all working partners. With a forward looking vision and continual push in technologies and process, Y3 is now looking into extending its growth road map to enable intelligent based software.

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