YCH Group Pte Ltd gains SBR National Business Awards for Logistics

Aug 14, 2020 12:00:00 AM

It was lauded for its bold decision to launch its very own marketplace, YSG.COM.SG

Singapore, 14 August 2020 - YCH Group Pte Ltd took home the award for the Logistics category in the recently held Singapore Business Review’s National Business Awards. The awards programme aims to honour exceptional local businesses in Singapore and give recognition to their outstanding initiatives.

The company was recognised to be ahead of the curve in its field by developing its very own marketplace, YSG.COM.SG, in Q4 2019. Upon its inception, YSG.COM.SG has onboarded 10 businesses onto its platform and targets to help businesses generate at least 20% of their sales through greater brand awareness; visibility and accessibility.

YCH’s Director of Consumer Lifestyle & e-Commerce, Mr Simon Sim (right) receiving the award
from Mr Paul Howell, Group Managing Editor from Charlton Media Group. 

In today’s very challenging environment, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a fast and furious rise of a new digital normal. With the global rapid change in consumers’ buying behaviour and patterns, brick-and-mortar companies are swapping for an adoption of a hybrid model that is moulded by the shifting tides of the continuing rise in e-commerce.

Individuals and businesses alike are embracing digital transformation and innovative approaches in response to a climate of uncertainties and complexities. YCH Group remained cognizant of these rigorous demands on businesses to stay relevant with innovation and made a decisive and bold decision to have its own marketplace, YSG.COM.SG.

With its unique and strong positioning as a marketplace that is powered and supported by YCH Group’s fully integrated supply chain solutions, YSG.COM.SG is said to be an attractive and viable marketplace platform for businesses regardless of their vertical or size. Business owners are offered the flexibility to decide from the different commercial models that are most viable in their business blueprints.

For completeness in delivering a fully end-to-end e-commerce solution, the platform’s support is enhanced by YCH Group’s e-Commerce Engine Empowerment (E3) initiative which fully cements it as a truly one-stop e-commerce solution hub.

E3 brings together the domain expertise of YCH Group, Y3 Technologies, Ascentis, and supported by PACT, an initiative that is driven by Enterprise Singapore. PACT is a strategic consortium of enterprises in an e-commerce ecosystem of industry know-how, technology, and capabilities that would serve to be a one-stop network where businesses can leverage for assistance to businesses build their full e-commerce capabilities.

Beyond conventional logistics services from warehousing to distribution, E3 helps brands compete in the e-commerce arena with its proprietary solutions that are said to give businesses the competitive edge in creating a stronger online presence. It enables brands to sell on their digital platforms, selected marketplaces, or any e-commerce channel, practically and virtually anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, if a brand has little or no experience with selling on a marketplace, it can tap on the expertise of E3 as a marketplace enabler to provide the full suite of services such as the planning of marketing campaigns, product listing and price control, order processing, fulfilment, as well as providing professional customer services.

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