YCH Group is Driving Connectivity with Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) for Global Economic Growth

In 2013, China embarked on a revolutionary project that will connect 4.4 billion people through enhanced trade relations, infrastructure development and major financing projects. Spanning across Africa, Asia and Europe, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is eventually expected to cover 25% of all global trade upon its completion. This forward looking project seeks the economic cooperation of all countries along the identified trade “belt” which is a monumental task on its own.

As a strategically located trade hub, Singapore is a crucial springboard for China to the rest of South East Asia. Over the years, the two have cultivated positive trade relations in the form of Business Councils between Singapore and a specific region in China.  IE Singapore, with its mandate to help Singapore enterprises go global, is the Singapore Secretariat for the seven Singapore-China Bilateral Business Councils with Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Sichuan, Tianjin and Zhejiang. This mandate resonates with YCH Group’s interest to continuously deepen its presence in China.  Dr Robert Yap, Executive Chairman of YCH Group is a proud Council Member in all seven which have a common goal of promoting economic, knowledge and skills exchange.

The Singapore-China Bilateral Business Councils for 7 provinces across China aims to provides platforms forSingapore companies to network with Chinese government officials and communities

YCH Group sees great opportunities in the consumer and innovation-drive growth in China.  On 29 November 2017, Zhejiang province announced at the Fourth World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention to an audience of 33,000 business people that it has selected Singapore as one of their three pioneering overseas stations designed to help their local companies expand overseas. Zhejiang is the home of e-commerce giants Alibaba and Net Ease.

YCH Group Executive Chairman, Dr Robert Yap (3rd from right) alongside prominent business leaders and officials at the 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention, Hangzhou International Expo Centre, November 2017

With the e-commerce sector in South East Asia undergoing rapid growth, there would be a rising demand for supply chain services. With presence in over 100 locations across Asia Pacific, YCH Group will drive connectivity between China and South East Asia through its extensive network, value-adding to international trade though innovative and analytics-driven intelligence, and work with its partners to capture the growing omnichannel retail market.