YCH partners Xiamen Port Development to provide unique AIO logistics solution for world-class companies

Sep 10, 2010 12:00:00 AM

YCH partners Xiamen Port Development to provide unique AIO (All-In-One) logistics solution for world-class companies
- YCH�s latest BLP supply chain facility located strategically within the Xiamen Port will also further enhance the comprehensive logistics capabilities of YCH Xiamen to become the Centre of Excellence for VMI and ODM capabilities

Singapore, 10 September 2010 - 10 September 2010 � Leading regional Supply Chain Company YCH Group today conducted the groundbreaking ceremony of its latest supply chain facility, the XPD-YCH DistriPark in Xiamen, China. As part of a Joint Venture with the Xiamen Port Development (�XPD�) Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Xiamen International Port that specialises in freight, transhipment, multimodal transportation and logistics information management, the partnership will see an additional 609,000 sq. feet state-of-the-art, two-storey ramp-up logistics facility being developed to service the various MNC manufacturers and suppliers located within and nearby Xiamen city through its unique All-In-One (�AIO�) advantage of superior air, land and sea connectivity.

Strategically located in the Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park right next to the bustling SeaPort of Xiamen, the USD 40 million project is estimated to be completed by end 2011. Offering world-class supply chain infrastructure, extensive capabilities in customs documentation and a wide range of value-added and customised fulfilment services, the XPD-YCH DistriPark also resides in close proximity to the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, the railway line and various national highways. The bonded warehouse facility, which is fully equipped with advanced security systems, high-rise rackings and reach-trucks, will be most appropriate for OEMs, ODMs, brand owners and suppliers in the Electronics, IT & High-tech industries.

To-date, Xiamen is the only city in China to boast of this extraordinary �Zone-Port� combination, with adjacency of its SeaPort, BLP (Bonded Logistics Park) and FTZ (Free Trade Zone) cluster to the Airport just a mere two kilometres away. All sea shipments managed by YCH Xiamen through the XPD-YCH DistriPark will also be able to receive expedited import and export clearance via the SeaPort customs declaration at the BLP.

Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Mr Pan Shijian said, �Given Xiamen�s recent developments as a first class port in the region, it is crucial that we have equally competent supply chain providers to boost our manufacturers� rapid growth in this region. As such, we strongly support YCH�s developments in raising the supply chain standards in our city, and believe that this joint venture with our very own XPD company will be able to offer excellent end-to-end supply chain services for Xiamen to become even more accessible, competitive and pro-business.�

The collaboration stemmed from the Xiamen government�s strong trust in YCH as a reputable regional SCM company with consistent best industry practices and close alignment with the administrative authorities since 2004. In fact, YCH Xiamen is one of the first few companies that was granted the Double A (�AA�) Enterprise certificate by the Xiamen Central Customs authority - representing the highest echelon of green lane approval granted by government for the expedited movement of goods. YCH also steadily earned its standing in the Xiamen business community over the past few years through its high standards of efficiency and focused customer service, one of which involves being able to accomplish a remarkable �90-minutes material fulfillment� lead time in feeding raw materials to Dell�s Production lines in conjunction with its patented real-time tracking capabilities and supply chain optimization technologies.

With the aim of developing the XPD-YCH DistriPark to be the best-in-class supply chain facility in the Southern part of China, YCH Group Chairman & CEO Dr Robert Yap explained, �Xiamen is set to become a regional economic powerhouse with its strong manufacturing capabilities and close links to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Given YCH�s strength in VMI and supplier management, we will certainly leverage this opportunity to develop our Xiamen operations as the VMI Centre of Excellence, not just for the brand owners but also the rapidly growing ODMs and suppliers here in Asia. Furthermore, the winning AIO advantage of multimodal transportation and BLP capabilities of our XPD-YCH DistriPark will be a strong complement to our supply chain best practices as we deliver highly efficient and customized solutions for our world-class customers; and truly epitomizing our corporate tagline where supplychain connects�.�

Chairman of XPD Mr Ke Dong said, �It is indeed a privilege to be able to work with one of Asia�s most innovative supply chain companies as we jointly collaborate to launch Xiamen as one of the most attractive manufacturing and supply chain destinations in China. We are confident that with YCH�s supply chain expertise and constant R&D for continuous improvement, the XPD-YCH DistriPark facility will become the role model for comprehensive logistics management here in our Xiamen manufacturing hub.�

Earlier on in October 2009, Senior Minister of Singapore Mr Goh Chok Tong also paid a visit to YCH�s existing operations in Xiamen�s Public Bonded Hub during his trip to China in support of Singaporean companies who have invested in the Fujian province. Specially selected to be a showcase of a pioneer Singapore firm for having developed successfully in Xiamen, even before the Fujian economic boom set in, SM Goh complimented YCH on its entrepreneurial drive and passion for logistics excellence both locally and regionally.

YCH is one of the pioneer Singapore firms to enter the Chinese market, in Shanghai in the mid 1990s. It has since built a comprehensive logistics network in the country with presence in gateway cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong servicing MNC customers such as Dell, Motorola, Compal, Samsung and Mary Kay. In October 2009, the Group also entered into a strategic partnership with Chengdu to establish an advanced sustainable supply chain framework for the entire city.

About YCH Xiamen

YCH Xiamen is the key Southern gateway and biggest South China operations in YCH Group�s China network. The Xiamen office officially begun in 2004 when YCH first provided VMI service to support Dell�s global manufacturing and her client portfolio today has rapidly grown to include other international brands such as Lenovo, Linde and more than 180 VMI and ODM suppliers of Dell. In 2007, YCH was further appointed�by Dell to be its sole logistics provider in Xiamen after winning Dell�s SLC single hub contract.

Able to meet the diverse SCM requirements of customers in the Electronics, Healthcare and FMCG industries, YCH�s advanced and complex suite of SCM solutions have innovatively facilitated customers in Xiamen to achieve cost-savings and better sales performance.

Beyond manufacturing logistics activities, storage, transportation and hub management, YCH Xiamen is also a customs broker for Import and Export declaration and other related value-added services. Its extensive range of license coverage include �A� class agent (air freight), �AA� license (customs clearance), CAAC License, Free Trade Zone (FTZ), PBW (Public Bonded Warehouse) and BLP (Bonded Logistics Park) certifications, such that it is able to manage Public Bonded, Private Bonded and Duty paid cargoes directly and efficiently.

The newest XPD-YCH DistriPark will augment the two current Public Bonded Hub and Bonded Logistics Park Hub in Xiamen, with particular enhancements to facilitate transshipment and multimodal freight; and enlarging the total warehouse area in Xiamen to reach approximately 980,000 square feet, with a total capacity of over 93,000 pallets.

About YCH Group

Founded in 1955, YCH Group is the leading integrated end-to-end supply chain management and logistics partner to some of the world�s largest companies, including Dell, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Exxon Mobil, Unilever, LVMH and Royal FrieslandCampina. YCH Group�s suite of innovative award-winning end-to-end supply chain management solutions - Intribution�, Intrabution�, Retrogistics�, Y-Merge� and V-Hub� - employ cutting edge web-technologies that are best-in-class across industry clusters from consumer and electronics to chemical and healthcare, to deliver powerful competitive advantages for customers. The Singapore-based company currently operates throughout Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Vietnam and Korea.

A strong proponent of innovation, YCH is recognized for its 7PL� approach in seamlessly integrating supply chain strategy with execution to attain success in the SCM industry. YCH attained the highly-regarded Singapore Innovation Class in October 2005 and clinched Top Honours as Winner of the IDC Enterprise Innovation Awards 2010. As a forerunner in worldwide supply chain security, YCH is the first recipient of the ISO 28000: 2007 certification for excellent security management in the global SCM industry. YCH also won the prestigious National Infocomm Award 2008 for its RFID-enabled �High Performance Supply Chain Nerve Centre� and was conferred the �Asian 3PL of the Year� award by Supply Chain Asia in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

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YCH Group Chairman & CEO Dr Robert Yap giving a speech at the Groundbreaking of XPD-YCH DistriPark, a state-of-the-art facility that combines the winning AIO advantage of multimodal transportation and BLP capabilities.
Key representatives from YCH, XPD, Xiamen Port and Xiangyu BLP Committee officiating the groundbreaking of the USD 40 million XPD-YCH DistriPark