YCH Group Expands Strategic Presence in North Asia with New Logistics Hub at Fukuoka Airport in Japan

Apr 17, 2024 12:00:00 AM

Fukuoka, Japan – 17 April 2024 – YCH Group, Singapore's largest homegrown end-to-end supply chain management and logistics company, proudly announces a significant expansion of its operations into North Asia with the opening of a new site in Fukuoka, Japan. This strategic development enhances YCH Group’s network, which boasts state-of-the-art facilities across the region, including China and South Korea.

Mr. Ryan Yap, Head of Growth & Partnerships, and General Manager, Malaysia of YCH Group, shared insights into the strategic expansion, “The launch of our new operating site in Fukuoka marks a significant step in expanding our connectivity footprint in North Asia. It demonstrates our commitment to building a strong and deeply connected network across the Asia Pacific, ensuring top-tier service for our customers.”

Situated within a bonded facility, the new Fukuoka operation epitomises YCH Group’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Designed innovatively, it facilitates duty-free replenishment to Fukuoka International Airport while ensuring customs compliance with meticulous due diligence. This strategy not only streamlines the logistics process but also ensures a continuous flow of supplies to enhance the travel retail experience and support the revival of tourism in Fukuoka following the pandemic.

Mr. Yap elaborated on the strategic importance, stating, “Our hub in Fukuoka is crucial in connecting our comprehensive network throughout North Asia. It not only elevates our service delivery but also fosters collaborative ventures that move beyond conventional business models. Such initiatives are particularly vital for Japanese firms looking to expand further into Asia, presenting them with unparalleled solutions, significant advantages, and a uniquely placed partner who could help them navigate these new markets with their specific preferences in mind."

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