YCH Group successfully completes pioneering RFID project in bonded warehouse

Aug 2, 2005 12:00:00 AM

YCH Group successfully completes pioneering RFID project in bonded warehouse
Pilot project marks the first such RFID implementation in a live Bonded operating environment with liquid products.

02 August 2005

Project briefing session on RFID for Bonded Warehouse Management
Demonstration of RFID usage in Bonded Warehouse

YCH Group ("YCH"), the leading homegrown supply chain solutions and logistics management company in Asia Pacific, announced today during a project briefing event held at the YCH DistriPark in Tuas, that it has successfully completed the pilot RFID Project in a Bonded Warehouse. The event was attended by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore ("IDA") Chairman Mr. Lam Chuan Leong, IDA CEO Mr. Chan Yeng Kit, YCH Group Chairman & CEO Mr. Robert Yap, as well as representatives from other relevant organizations.

The project was implemented within 9 months, beginning late Sept 2004 to early June 2005. Several key developments from the project to note are that YCH is the first to implement the latest RFID UHF frequency band 923-925MHz, allocated by IDA in November 2004, into commercial warehousing operations and integrating it to its in-house proprietary award-winning inventory management systems. Also, the project manages to address one of the key challenges in RFID implementation, which is the tagging of liquid-based products and inventory, since liquid components interferes with the reading of RFID signals in any operating environment. Further, the bonded warehouse environment, which was used for the pilot, serves to introduce a stringent and complex environment where physical security and data integrity is critical, and compliance to very strict customs guidelines and policies is necessary, in order to track and manage the movement of controlled items.

YCH Chairman and CEO, Mr. Robert Yap said, ‘This project is a very clear testimony to the viable benefits and feasibility of RFID technologies, especially for the logistics industry. From the pilot, we can already see the potential efficiency and productivity gains, with improvements of up to 40% in lead-time in the form of multiple concurrent users and activities that can be
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undertaken simultaneously, as well as the elimination of errors for 100% data accuracy, through streamlined data entry & tracking processes, throughout the various logistical functions.

Commenting on the significance of this project on Singapore's RFID development, Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman, IDA said, "We are happy with the success of this project, especially YCH’s success in using RFID for tagging liquid products. This project will provide a strong impetus for other players, especially those in the logistics industry, to consider utilising RFID technologies. With increased adoption of RFID technology by the industry, we can continue to strengthen Singapore's position as an RFID regional hub."

Mr. Yap also added, 'Certainly, as the RFID technologies are being deployed more pervasively over the medium term, cost of implementation for the technology will pale in comparison to the more comprehensive value-add and operational gains that will be enjoyed, such as enhanced visibility and responsiveness. As a supply chain management organisation, the impact will be far more extensive for our clients and the many other related entities along the supply chain, if RFID is introduced into the processes and flows of all the end-to-end logistical operations that we manage, from manufacturing to distribution and returns.'

Plans are already in motion to gradually extend the implementation of RFID more significantly throughout the various operating environments, and targeting more specifically from the source activity throughout, to include the spectrum of commercial operation processes such as storage, tracking, handling, packaging, picking, labeling, and other logistics value-add activities across product and industry types (e.g: Electronics, Chemicals & Healthcare, Consumer Goods, and so on) which YCH manages.

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