YCH DistriPark in Shanghai�s Yangshan Free Port offers unrivalled value to world-class companies with various firsts

Oct 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM

YCH DistriPark in Shanghai�s Yangshan Free Port offers unrivalled value to world-class companies with various firsts
- Strategic location within the world�s busiest Port to support growth of manufacturers, importers and exporters with unique 3-in-1 capability of FTZ, EPZ and BLP.
- The highly advanced, RFID-powered DistriPark will also be a key YCH hub for strengthening the Group�s North Asia footprint through enhanced SCM offerings within and beyond China

Shanghai, CHINA, 19 October 2010 - Leading regional Supply Chain Company YCH Group today officially opened its 465, 000 square feet YCH DistriPark located within the Lingang Logistics Park of Shanghai�s famous Yangshan Free Port. The Yangshan Free Trade Port Area is the first free port zone in China that combines the synergistic benefits of a Free Trade Zone (FTZ), Export Processing Zone (EPZ), and a Bonded Logistics Park (BLP), allowing YCH to offer unrivalled value to brand owners and manufacturers that require the convenience of integrating multiple supply chain services and value-added activities such as manufacturing, assembly, storage and export processing within a single location.

With this unique three-in-one advantage, the YCH DistriPark is also fully equipped with advanced tech-driven supply chain solutions such as YCH�s pioneering Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for real-time visibility, accurate tracking and security of high-value goods. The RFID implementation, developed together with the Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group in 2008, was a first in the Shanghai Yangshan Port area.

Operational since December 2009, the SGD 45 million facility has a capacity for 42,000 pallets, and is fully equipped with avant-garde technological solutions, infrastructure and advanced proprietary systems tailored to the Hi-tech/Electronics, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and Luxury Goods industries. The advanced eco-friendly facility is also the first green warehouse in China to have achieved the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the US Green Building Council.

The Yangshan Free Port area in Shanghai presents a powerful proposition with its distinctive location and focus on manufacturing, technological advancement and international shipping in China, as it fuels the transhipment, processing and hubbing of goods with its strategic combination and concentration of five transportation means - namely Airport, Seaport, Railway, Highway and Inner River System.

�YCH has already been in Shanghai for more than 15 years and the opening of our latest DistriPark facility in Yangshan Free Port will further strengthen our growth within and beyond China. The geographical advantage, coupled with the unique 3-in-1 capabilities of BLP, FTZ and EPZ will further enhance YCH�s innovative solutions to connect the supply chains of global brands as they seek to scale rapidly within the region. To many of our world-class MNC customers, Shanghai is the Asian Global Hub for raw materials VMI, finished goods fulfillment, spares service repairs and air/ocean freight consolidation; this triggers a dynamic �ripple� effect in our supply chain distribution network first through North Asia, then whole of Asia, and finally to the world,� said YCH Group Chairman & CEO Dr Robert Yap.

As the pioneer supply chain company to be established in the Yangshan Free Trade Port zone, YCH has already brought with it various Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Motorola and Samsung into the region. These partnerships have elevated the prominence of both the Yangshan Free Trade Port and Lingang Logistics Park vis-�-vis China�s development. Deputy President of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Mr Zhu Weiqiang said, �One of Lingang New Area�s developmental mission is to be a technological innovation leader and integral part of the international supply chain targeting at global, thriving enterprises. As such, YCH with its niche in these two aspects - merging outstanding logistics execution with advanced SCM optimisation and innovation - have helped us to accelerate our growth and reputation through RFID and other best practices in supply chain management.�

Shanghai is widely recognised as China�s major gateway port to the massive Chinese hinterland, servicing both the mainland�s import and export industries. Said Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State for Trade & industry and Manpower, who was Guest of Honour at the event, �Shanghai is now the world�s busiest container port. Its throughput will continue to rise. Yangshan Free Port is fast developing to be an advanced international shipping hub. YCH�s participation in the Free Port area using RFID technology and advanced proprietary supply chain solutions is a prime example of technology differentiation. It shows how a Singapore company could through innovation establish itself in the burgeoning China logistics market. In this way, YCH is poised to ride the growth of China. It is a good role model for other Singapore companies seeking high growth in Asia.�

YCH is one of the pioneer Singapore firms to enter the Chinese market, in Shanghai in the mid 1990s. It has since built a comprehensive logistics network in the country with presence in gateway cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong servicing MNC customers such as Dell, Motorola, Compal, Samsung and Mary Kay. In October 2009, the Group entered into a strategic partnership with Chengdu to establish an advanced sustainable supply chain framework for the entire city. Recently in September 2010, the Group also announced a partnership with the Xiamen Port Development to launch a 609,000 square feet XPD-YCH DistriPark in Xiamen, China to become the Centre of Excellence for VMI and ODM Capabilities, providing AIO (All-In-One) logistics solution for world-class companies.

About YCH Shanghai

YCH Shanghai is the key Eastern gateway and one of the most significant operations within YCH Group�s China network. The Shanghai office officially began operation in the mid 90s with Motorola and Dell Computers operating a VMI hub in support of their manufacturing operations in China.

Today, YCH Group�s latest investment in Shanghai is the 4.3 hectare double-storey state-of-the-art DistriPark, strategically located within the Yangshan Free Port Bonded Logistics Park adjacent to the bustling Yangshan Deepwater Port and just 25km away from the Pudong International Airport. The hi-tech, eco-friendly facility is the first to be LEED-certified (by the US Green Building Council) and RFID-powered in Shanghai. In addition, it is also classified �A� by the Transported Assets Protection Association (TAPA) in warehouse and transportation security � a firm assurance for the global brands who entrust their high-value cargo with the company.

Besides being able to offer 3-in-1 capabilities of a BLP (Bonded Logistics Park), FTZ (Free Trade Zone) and EPZ (Export Processing Zone) with other value-add services from a single point, YCH Shanghai is committed to delivering superior network connectivity, finished goods fulfillment, reverse logistics and raw materials hub management to world-class manufacturers who are seeking to grow extensively in the region.

Recently on 20 July this year, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng visited the DistriPark and cited his appreciation to YCH for having contributed to the growth of the Yangshan BLP/Port area, particularly for introducing multiple breakthroughs in the use of SCM technologies to drive productivity and efficiencies for Shanghai�s logistics and supply chain industry.

About YCH Group

Founded in 1955, YCH Group is the leading integrated end-to-end supply chain management and logistics partner to some of the world�s largest companies, including Dell, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Exxon Mobil, Unilever, LVMH and Royal FrieslandCampina. YCH Group�s suite of innovative award-winning end-to-end supply chain management solutions - Intribution�, Intrabution�, Retrogistics�, Y-Merge� and V-Hub� - employ cutting edge web-technologies that are best-in-class across industry clusters from consumer and electronics to chemical and healthcare, to deliver powerful competitive advantages for customers. The Singapore-based company currently operates throughout Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Vietnam and Korea.

A strong proponent of innovation, YCH is recognized for its 7PL� approach in seamlessly integrating supply chain strategy with execution to attain success in the SCM industry. YCH attained the highly-regarded Singapore Innovation Class in October 2005 and clinched Top Honours as Winner of the IDC Enterprise Innovation Awards 2010. As a forerunner in worldwide supply chain security, YCH is the first recipient of the ISO 28000: 2007 certification for excellent security management in the global SCM industry. YCH also won the prestigious National Infocomm Award 2008 for its RFID-enabled �High Performance Supply Chain Nerve Centre� and was conferred the �Asian 3PL of the Year� award by Supply Chain Asia in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

More information about YCH can be found on www.ych.com





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Our Distinguished Guests and VIPs from various Chinese and Singaporean government agencies officiating the state-of-the-art DistriPark during the ribbon-cutting ceremony
Valued customers and partners celebrating the special occasion with us as Chairman & CEO Robert Yap and Guest-of-Honour Singapore Minister of State for Trade & Industry and Manpower Mr Lee Yi Shyan dot the lions� eyes on stage
The hi-tech, eco-friendly DistriPark sprawls over 465,000 square feet and is the first green warehouse in the Shanghai Yangshan / Lingang region.
Fully equipped with advanced proprietary SCM solutions and security systems, the warehouse is also RFID-powered to ensure maximum efficiency and security for the management of high-value products.