YCH Group inaugurates world-class YCH DistriPark to enhance regional manufacturing logistics and fulfillment capabilities in Xiamen

Nov 28, 2012 12:00:00 AM

YCH Group inaugurates world-class YCH DistriPark to enhance regional manufacturing logistics and fulfillment capabilities in Xiamen

The high-tech, two-storey ramp up DistriPark facility, developed as a JV with the Xiamen Port Development Co. Ltd, is to-date the largest state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Xiamen, designed with a strong focus to cater to global MNCs and their suppliers

The inauguration also coincides with the 20th anniversary milestone celebration of the Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone (FTZ)

Xiamen, CHINA, 28 November 2012 – Leading regional Supply Chain Company YCH Group today officially inaugurated its DistriPark within Xiamen’s Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park. As part of a Joint Venture with the Xiamen Port Development Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Xiamen Port Group, the state-of-the-art, two-storey ramp-up logistics facility – currently Xiamen’s largest state-of-the-art warehouse spanning over 54000 sq. metres in built-up area – is now ready to service the various MNC manufacturers and suppliers located within and nearby Xiamen city through its advantage of superior air, land and sea connectivity.

The facility inauguration also marked a double celebration for Xiamen, with the Xiangyu Free Trade Zone administration celebrating its 20th anniversary at the event graced by Xiamen Vice Mayor Mr. Zhang Canmin.   

Strategically located within the Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Logistics Park, the YCH DistriPark is TAPA-certified and provides high-rise pallet rackings supported by a suite of advanced SCM tools and automation technologies that include reach trucks, RF technology, high-tech customized racking allocation solution as well as advanced security systems. Incorporating 83 loading bays and 77 operation platforms to enable multiple purposes for loading/unloading and value-adding activities, the DistriPark is also able to achieve optimal levels of inbound and outbound flow of cargos moving through the hub.

As a world-class supply chain facility, the YCH DistriPark in Xiamen places strong emphasis on efficiency and sustainability. Not only is it certified to national standards in security and fire safety management, the DistriPark has also achieved the first USGBC LEED Gold status for warehousing in Xiamen through its ecological use of highly efficient air-conditioning, power and lighting systems. Additionally, the facility has also been constructed to be resistant up to Level 16 typhoons and 7-degree earthquakes with powerful water drainage systems, giving added assurance on supply chain resilience to customers and users in the rare occasions of natural disasters.

The YCH DistriPark also satisfies the ‘FM Global’ standards in logistics warehousing, as required by various global MNCs such as Dell and Lenovo. With its sophisticated offerings through its modern amenities, OEMs, ODMs, brand owners and suppliers particularly in the Electronics, IT & High-tech industries, will find the YCH DistriPark in Xiamen an inimitable proposition for consolidated modern warehousing.


About YCH Xiamen

YCH Xiamen is the key Southern gateway in YCH Group’s China network. The Xiamen office officially begun in 2004 when YCH first provided VMI service to support Dell’s global manufacturing. Her clients today include other international brands such as Lenovo, Linde, Amazon , Microsoft  and Utrans Wine

Able to meet the diverse SCM requirements of customers in the Electronics, Healthcare and FMCG industries, YCH’s advanced and complex suite of SCM solutions have innovatively facilitated customers in Xiamen to achieve cost-savings and better sales performance.  Beyond manufacturing logistics activities, storage, transportation and hub management, YCH Xiamen is also a customs broker for Import and Export declaration and other related value-added services. Its extensive  range of license coverage include  ‘AA’ license (customs clearance),  local transportation license , domestic sales license , PBW (Public Bonded Warehouse) and BLP (Bonded Logistics Park) certifications, such that it is able to manage Public Bonded, Private Bonded and Duty paid cargoes directly and efficiently.

About YCH Group

Founded in 1955, YCH Group is the leading integrated end-to-end supply chain management and logistics partner to some of the world�s largest companies, including Dell, Motorola, Samsung, LG, ExxonMobil, Unilever, LVMH and Royal FrieslandCampina. YCH Group�s suite of innovative award-winning end-to-end supply chain management solutions - Intribution�, Intrabution�, Retrogistics�, Y-Merge� and V-Hub� etc. - employ cutting edge web-technologies that are best-in-class across industry clusters from consumer and electronics to chemical and healthcare, to deliver powerful competitive advantages for customers. The Singapore-based company currently operates throughout Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, China, India, Vietnam and Korea. A strong proponent of innovation, YCH is recognized for its 7PL� approach in seamlessly integrating supply chain strategy with execution to attain success in the SCM industry. YCH attained the highly-regarded Singapore Innovation Class in October 2005 and clinched Top Honours as Winner of the IDC Enterprise Innovation Awards 2010. As a forerunner in worldwide supply chain security, YCH is the first recipient of the ISO 28000: 2007 certification for excellent security management in the global SCM industry. YCH also won the prestigious National Infocomm Award 2008 for its RFID-enabled �High Performance Supply Chain Nerve Centre� and was conferred the �Asian 3PL of the Year� award by Supply Chain Asia for four times consecutively from 2007 to 2010. YCH was named �Most Admired Large Enterprise (Innovation)� in the recent high-level ASEAN Business Awards in October 2010, and was crowned �Enterprise of the Year� in the Singapore Business Awards in April 2011.

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